Mt. New Ventures

Sometimes to get out of your own head you have to leave town. In our case, we decided the mountainous terrain of Colorado. In a cabin in the woods, devoid of electricity, we found solstice. The best thing to do when you cannot find the answer to a question is to not think about it, right. 



This trip to Colorado left our hands cramped from all the new ideas that poured into our heads &  ultimately down on paper. Not all were keepers, we are not geniuses, but were extremely insightful. 


Overall, we drank, we ate, we hiked, & headed back home with a new lease on life & entertaining ideas of what to do next. 

The 60s were alive in the City :: Grand Rapids 1964 Event

From the table decorations, tie-dye, waitresses, bright colors, and even the napkins: everything followed the 1960s theme.

I almost felt I was in the 60s because the moment I walked into UICA - everything became that era. 

Thursday, May 29, Grand Rapids transformed into the 60s era! Okay, well not really, but Grand Rapids magazine did celebrate their 50th year anniversary and what better way to celebrate this huge accomplishment then to host an event with a 60s theme!? The answer.... there is no better way.

Members of Grand Rapids magazine and guests throughout Grand Rapids joined in on this amazing event. From dirty martinis, shrimp cocktails, and a cheese fondue bar - guests were kept smiling all night in there 60s attire!

Music was provided by AB, The Veloras, Chance Jones, and Audacious Hoopers.

Even the entertainment was dressed up in 1960s fashion. 

Towards the end of the night, guests made their way to the dance floor and got their groove on to several 60s songs, including "Twist & Shout" by the Isley Brothers.

Guests were hula hooping, doing the disco, and singing along to the music.

Even if I wasn't born in the 60s, I still knew the songs and danced as if I was! 

And..... If this event wasn't already 60s enough, students from Kendall College designed outfits specifically for this event as well to be displayed across the venue. 

What do you think of the 60s fashion? Because I would still wear these dresses today...

Never been to an era party?

Well, let me tell you that they are great! Personally my favorite type of themed parties. And if you are a newbie, here are the:

Top 5 ways to successfully attend a different era themed party:

1. Research the most well-known people of that era and dress up like them (trust me, it helps with the confusion of guests trying to guess who you are). I dressed up like Audrey Hepburn and everyone knew exactly who I was!

2. Update your iPod to the music that was in that era. Though I was born in the 90s rather than the 60s, I was able to dance along because I knew the songs.

3. Study up on the famous people from the era so you can impress the guests on your knowledge of who they are! Before they tell you who they are, be one step ahead of them and say you already know! They'll be impressed.  Maybe even familiarize yourself with the 60s slang (groovy, gnarly, good golly miss molly, etc). and really get into character. 

4. Take pictures - even if you may not know the people. Guests can really get into the theme and maybe if they're costume is great enough, you can remember these ideas for the next Era event you attend?!

5. And of course... Have fun with it! Even if you may not like your costume, feel uncomfortable, don't know the music, etc. none of that should stop you from getting your groove on and having a fun time with coworkers and/or the guests!

.... I followed these 5, got my boogie on and had a ball at the Grand Rapids magazine 50th anniversary!

Ask me about my package :: Bid for Bachelors & Bachelorettes


Well it isn't my package to tell you about but stop by Bid for Bachelors & Bachelorettes this Saturday at 5:30 & ask till your hearts content. Just to be clear... you are asking about date packages that a group of charitable people put together. This event funds the amazing Friends & Family of Cystic Fibrosis AKA FFCF which in turn supplies resources to get CF's the proper treatment they need. From computers to medication, FFCF makes living with CF a little more bearable. 

"The event of the year" & "the most fun you'll have at an event" are some comments you hear about Bid, not just from the attendees but from the people being bid on. And yes, you can bid on a 'date package'. Some examples of date packages are: 

Fishing- big lake charters, restaurants that are know for seafood, & fishing poles.

Adventure- skydiving, gun range shooting, & hiking. 

Classy- Downtown restaurants, spas, wine, & other super luxe stuff.


Well you get the idea! These packages range from $300-$9000 & encompass a broad spectrum of activities & goodies. Don't take my word for it? Check out the Facebook page here & see the people that are being auctioned off. Click here to learn how to bid at the event & click here to get all the event details. 



OHH and I almost forgot... Bid creates a video to promote the event. This year they chose your's truly to be the lead actress...well, at I at least tried to act.

Feel free to giggle on my behalf. 


The GRAND NYE Party :: Hosted by Siegel Jewelers & Grand Rapids Young Professionals

Desserts, free drinks, arcade games, & midnight kisses, OH MY! This NYE was a spectacular reason why ISE MKTG loves Grand Rapids. The music was pumping & attendees were in their finest attire. Most guests were sparkling not from the glitter on their dresses but from the champagne that flowed like water in the VIP area. Guests came with hoards of friends & single guys and gals made new friends... if you know what we mean.

The night was definitely a success for both hosts, Siegel Jewelers & Grand Rapids Young Professionals.

The party was anticipated to be huge when the invite list reached 7K people!

Ballrooms & lobby's were no match for the patrons. They flooded out into the halls that lined the river & snagged sweet A-list style red carpet photos on the steps. Back inside the Steelcase ballroom at DeVos, dashing dudes & primped up princesses grabbed a cocktail & shook their tail to TJ the DJ & DJ Composition spinning high energy mixes.

Once the clock struck midnight, Molly Jones, go see her in _____, belted out 'Auld Ang Sin' while the men & women stole kisses from each other. Glowing balloons lined the dance floor & really set the mood to party the remainder of the night away. Resolutions were, more than likely, made & then quickly broken... but we all know that resolutions don't start till the 2nd anyway!

What a great way to spend NYE!

Now, what's next for ISE MKTG in 2014? Stay tuned for more events!