Change of Scenery

Beige walls, uncomfortable chairs, early morning alarm clocks, routine.... it's all the same day after day! If you haven't guessed by now, I'm talking about the work environment. On average people work from 8AM-5PM in the same chair, same desk, see the same people, do the same things. It's time for a change! 

It's time to change up the work environment. Work outside, trade desks with a co-worker, or work in a coffee shop. It's important for all workers to have a change of scenery. We sit on chairs in front of a desk, sometimes just stuck in a little cubicle only to just watch the clock tick by until it reaches 5PM. But why wait for the day to end? Make the most of your work days (or as much as you can). 

Changing up your scenery doesn't have to be an all day event, (even though many of us prefer that) but it could be just a simple 10-15 minute walk each day to relax and take a break and recharge. 

Here at ISE MKTG, we are all about changing up the work scenery. Last week, we had the opportunity to get out of the Grand Rapids community and enjoy the beaches in Holland, MI. We started the day off with coffee at a cute little place right in downtown Holland called "Lemonjellos."

We drank our coffee, worked on a couple of projects, then decided to take a hike at the Holland State Park and climb up Mt. Pisgah, only to walk down 200 flights of stairs. Luckily, we weren't the people who were walking up them! 


Though the sun was shining and the weather was in the high 70's - don't be fooled. We still got our work done for the day - we just like to spice up our work office and bring it outside. And it's important that everyone does that once in awhile!

These are the five reasons why we believe it's best to get out of the cubicle and work somewhere new:

1.  Different interactions - When working, we see the same people everyday and normally nothing changes from day to day so ISE MKTG believes it's best to go to a coffee shop or a different city to work, just to see different faces and socialize with others as well. 

2. Change of scenery - Instead of seeing your cubicle or same office chair and desk or the window view of a busy street, change it up to the view of the beach, sand, or work from home. We feel that we stay more motivated when we change up the scenery.

3. Alone Time - Maybe sometimes it is harder to get work done when others are around and talking. That's why sometimes ISE MKTG works from home, to stay away from interaction. Don't get it wrong we really push ourselves to get our work done so that we can have our free time. 

4. Different Connections - WIth different environments  comes the more people you meet which leads to different connections, and it's all about the connections. You never know who you might just meet that could be a great asset for you in the future.

5. And finally... Spend time outdoors! We believe work is more dreadful when you know that the weather is beautiful out and you are going to be stuck inside all day. Being outside can help you put things into perspective, free your mind, and think of new ideas! Trust us, it has worked for us.

If you follow these 5 reasons and take some time for yourself and enjoy a change of scenery, just like ISE MKTG does, then you might just see exactly why a change of scenery is just what your mind needed to get that big project done.