Ask me about my package :: Bid for Bachelors & Bachelorettes


Well it isn't my package to tell you about but stop by Bid for Bachelors & Bachelorettes this Saturday at 5:30 & ask till your hearts content. Just to be clear... you are asking about date packages that a group of charitable people put together. This event funds the amazing Friends & Family of Cystic Fibrosis AKA FFCF which in turn supplies resources to get CF's the proper treatment they need. From computers to medication, FFCF makes living with CF a little more bearable. 

"The event of the year" & "the most fun you'll have at an event" are some comments you hear about Bid, not just from the attendees but from the people being bid on. And yes, you can bid on a 'date package'. Some examples of date packages are: 

Fishing- big lake charters, restaurants that are know for seafood, & fishing poles.

Adventure- skydiving, gun range shooting, & hiking. 

Classy- Downtown restaurants, spas, wine, & other super luxe stuff.


Well you get the idea! These packages range from $300-$9000 & encompass a broad spectrum of activities & goodies. Don't take my word for it? Check out the Facebook page here & see the people that are being auctioned off. Click here to learn how to bid at the event & click here to get all the event details. 



OHH and I almost forgot... Bid creates a video to promote the event. This year they chose your's truly to be the lead actress...well, at I at least tried to act.

Feel free to giggle on my behalf.