AppraisalSave | National Expansion for a Michigan Based Business


AppraisalSave's 22 state expansion in 6 months proves this company is just what the US Real Estate industry needed

We know that home appraisals aren’t the world’s most interesting topic but with the recent funding from Start Garden,  Appraisal Save is becoming the talk of the town, actually towns all across the nation. The Grand Rapids’ based company, 

AppraisalSave, is on top of the housing market boom offering appraisals for half the price of a normal residential appraisal

The Expansion 

AppraisalSave’s reach has now expanded to 22 states in just less than 6 months after its $20,000 funding from Start Garden. Normal non-lending appraisals run $350 but Appraisal Save comes in at $175, and that includes all fees for the client. Clients can go online and order an appraisal on an automated system. They can choose from the appraisers in the area after looking at their experience, proximity, and average turn-around time.


The Appraisers

AppraisalSave’s appraiser rooster averages 11.5 years’ experience. “We thought that our company would attract inexperienced appraisers but we continuously attract the veterans of the real estate appraising industry. Most of the appraisers have credentials and certifications that are go above and beyond the need of the position but prove to the client that their appraiser is the cream of the crop,” said co-parter Jason DeVries. 


The Clients

AppraisalSave is the brain child of Scott Packer; Scott saw a need for low cost appraisals that benefited people in negative situations. “Some of our clients are going through a divorce or bankruptcy so why should they have to pay for an overpriced appraisal when they are losing so many assets already,” explained founder Scott. 

AppraisalSave’s appraisals are accurate, fast, and reliable so that the client can make an informed decision about their finical future. AppraisalSave offers non-lending residential appraisals for divorce mediation, bankruptcy, PMI removal, tax appeal, estate settlement, Pre-list, and Pre-buy. 


What others are saying about AppraisalSave

“A good appraisal can sometimes make you thousands, save you thousands, or at the very least give all interested parties peace of mind that they are not a making a mistake,” said award winning realtor and bestselling author, Lucas Howard. 

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