Founded by award-winning chili cook, CJ DeVries, Innovative Social Exchange is one of the most creative marketing firms in Grand Rapids.


We don't take creativity lightly, that's why we brainstorm with your employees, our peers, & community leaders to find out what will work in our area & for your company. Every person is unique and so are their buying habits, we research each industry & pull the facts and figures to better recognize how to market to your audience. 



CJ DeVries
President, Marketing


Jason DeVries
Vice President, Accounting & Operations

Amy Johnson
Marketing Manager Mid West

Tara Heerspink
SNR Marketing Manager USA

Associates & Staff

Amanda Kaley
Marketing Manager W. Coast  

Lily Lawerance
Photographer West Coast 

Tiffany DeVries
Brand Ambassador Mid West

Jon DeVries
Designer Mid West

Jennifer Deming
Photographer Mid West 


Lauren Nowack
Event Design Mid West

James Buchanan
Brand Ambassador Mid West


Open Positions

We are always looking for next season's interns. Please submit your information below. 


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